The Defendant is obligated by the bail bond agreements to appear for each and every court appearance required by the court.


The failure to do so will result in the revocation and forfieture of the bond.


As and idemnitor(s) (co-signer), you will be required to bring the defendant in immediately and to reinstate the bond or surrender him/her back into custody.


Failure to act immediately can add up expenses, such as skip-tracing fees, court costs, and attorney fees, if legal action is taken.


The idemnitor(s) (co-signer) is liable.


The law provides that the associated expenses can be applied, pursuant to

Minnesota Statute 629.0, and Rule 702.



What if I think the defendant is not going to show up for court after I have posted the bond?


There are remedies that can be done here as well, contact the bondsman as soon as possiable so that they can discuss your options in full detail with you!