Bail bonds as we know it in the U.S. has a long history and grew out ot the English laws, policies and statutes and practices. The 1275
Westminster Statute eliminated the discretion of sheriffs, with the respect to which any crimes would be of bail.


The commerical practice of offering bail bonds arose out of a need to balance the playing field among the rich, middle and poor classes when individuals were accused of a crime.


In 1789 the Judiciary Act did not differentiate between a bail before and/or after a conviction. Then in 1946 the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedures and Practices was clarified. The Rule 46 made to 1789 clear and standard.


In 1966 the Act was established and created a releasing of the suspect with as little burden as deem in order to insure the suspects appearance at court.


Minnesota enacted Rule 702 Appearance .