An Idemnitor(co-signer) is the person who is bound, by an idemnity, to be indemnify or protected by the other, and is over 18 years of age and can legally bind the bail bond agreements.

Idemnitor(s) (co-signers) usually are friends, your employer, or family members.

Collateral is pledged in the form of unsecured personal property, real-estate,

a home mortgage, stocks, bonds or cash.


Traditionally, bail is a form of property deposited or pledged to a court to persuade it to release a suspect from jail, on the understanding that the suspect will return for trial or forfeit the bail. When bondsman is used and a surety bond posted, a fee for that bond is charged and the parties are entered into a three party binding contract.

To download for approval of Indemnitor




There is certian information that we will need in order to post:

1) Where is the person in custody? Make sure you ask the

   person in custody where they are located ( City, State,

   name and number of jail, county).


2) What is the full name and booking number of the person

   in jail, charges, next appearance.


3) How much is the Bail, and conditions?